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When do babies start teething – Know what the experts say

Teething process commences as soon as your baby reveals his first ever teeth, known as ‘primary teeth’ or ‘baby teeth.’ When do babies start teething, then parents must also begin caring for their gums and teeth? As per experts, your baby requires proper oral and health care during and after the teething process. Most of the parents overlook this fact, but in reality, it is very important. Encouraging healthy brushing habits in your kid is extremely vital to ensure that your child has a healthy oral growth.

First Appearance
You will begin to see first teeth in your baby from 3 to 6 months. Some infants may reveal their first teeth at a later age and make even take around 18 months for the appearance of their shiny little tooth. If you feel the prevalence of any trouble, then it is wise to consult your doctor. It is also rare that there are no problems met during the tooth emerging. For this reason, the experts recommend starting caring for your child’s oral health even before the first tooth appears. You can begin caring for your tot’s gums right after few weeks of his birth.
There are few gels available in the market, which you may apply on your infant’s gums with the help of your finger. Teething is not only a long process but is also painful. Most infants drool and even cry a lot than usual. They even wake up at night and face disturbed sleeping and eating patterns. You can also provide your infant with soothers and teethe rings to provide them with some relief.

Flossing and Brushing – When do babies start teething

Once your baby has developed some teeth, it is now time that you begin brushing. At an early stage, it is not essential to employ a toothbrush, but most parents do as it provides them with convenience and make tots get used to the routine. Experts recommend brushing your baby’s teeth in the morning and before going to the bed. But if possible, then brushing after every meal is the best way to prevent meeting any cavity or oral infection.
Using toothpaste is not a necessity for kids below 6 months, but if you wish, then you may opt for high-quality gels that are offered by some reputed baby products brands. If your child is allergic to any special ingredient or substance then asking for the doctor’s advice is a must. Always be gentle while flossing and brushing as your baby’s organs are more sensitive than the adults.

Watch out for cavities

When do babies start teething is a vital consideration, but you should also keep a close eye on the cavities? Pitting and discoloration are the warning signs. One major cause of cavities in babies of so small age is bottle feeding. Even for this reason the expert suggests to not bottle feed your tot, especially during the night.

While teething is a vital milestone for every child, to maintain oral health from an early age is also extremely important. You just have to make some additional efforts and try maintaining your child’s oral hygiene at its best.

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